welcome to twig and leaf botanicals!

we make beautiful small batch herbal tea and botanical skincare made from organically grown herbs.

our botanicals are colorado and co-operative grown and hand made in golden, colorado.

twig and leaf botanicals is a certified cruelty-free and vegan business using sustainable business practices.

we started in boulder, colorado in 2009. since then we have grown to work with a number of small organic gardens as well as growing and harvesting the majority of our organically grown botanicals.

our process is simple and true—picking herbs seasonally at their peak, washing them thoroughly and drying on our racks.

each herb is labeled by batch and every tea batch blend is tasted before packaging and arriving in your hands.

our labeling system also takes into consideration the safety of herbs while pregnant and/or nursing.

purple with our logo means safe for you and baby, brown means better not.

our skin care oils are never heated and are brewed with time and sunshine.