conscious consumerism; a community of people who care.

as i grow and my passions morph and become clearer to me, so does the evolution of twig and leaf botanicals become more and more what embodies my calling. 

what i am passionate about is bringing local organically grown herbs to everyone. making these very basic foods and medicines available to anyone and everyone. what this entails and what i need from you is a community of people who care. 

the slow herb movement is the idea that we shouldn't have to buy our spices from the big box chain store. the herbs from these places have been sitting on a shelf for weeks or months, after being grown in soil drastically different from yours, with differently regulated growing conditions, being harvested mechanically or by someone underpaid (or under traded), and being put to dry, handling and packaging and shipping-all to sit on the shelf in the bright fluorescent lights of a store, until you pick it up and bring it to your kitchen. 

we as conscious consumers should be able to put herbs in our food that are locally grown where we want our food to come from. the eat locally food movement should apply to all of our food. 

twig and leaf botanicals will still exist in a local way. providing a door to local companies and individuals to access slow herbs. until i get slow herbs up and running, please feel free to contact me on this website. 

and yes, this month, i think this is 9 years of having my business, i decided that i no longer want to make herbal tea blends. please read the "about" section of our website to read more about this change.